Monday, May 5, 2008

countdown to freebies life..

date: 5 May 2008(according to the 24-hour timing)
time: 3.02am
what to say: headache

the crucial hour is coming in another 6hour time..
after this i could finally made an announcement to the world-I'M FINALLY FREE FROM DIPLOMA..
but still i hv to wait till September,the next semester onli can be 'total free' cz of my resit sub..duh!!
what a headache now..last paper,AHMC3314 GLOBALISATION & COMMUNICATION.
the most 'sien' subject comparing to the other sub I've been learning for this past two years..
since i've not been reli sleeping since thursday(paper on friday n saturday), i finally get to take a sleep jz now in d afternoon around 3.30pm till 1am smth..but still it doesn't seems brain keep hypnotize me telling me to go n get somemore sleep..--"
moreover,my notes was playing hide n seek wit me again in dis hour..when i came out from bath,ready to read my notes,i found out that my notes has gone missing!!!wth!!i onli found a few pieces left..and its the note-so-important part of the lesseon..die lor dis time..again i need to prepare another rm50 for dis paper...big--"

exams reli drivings ppl crazie..i had my exam since 21 april till now and tomolo was the final one..lastly!!!hooray!!!!!
i've not been home for a few months ady and so i decide to go back home tomorrow after my exams,den come back again after a few days later to settle my things:-
1) find cheaper room before 15 May 2008/
2)find another roommate(i dun reli wish)
3)working(part timer job)
4)shopping-MEGA SALES AGAIN!!!!
5)preparing my resume for a proper job-hopefully can get in to any radio station/tv station
6)hv my great time!!!

living here alone for this past 2 years is reli a great time as well as a tough time for me.. memories filled the time and my time had been filled up by memories..the coursemates,classmates,friends,housemates and some ex-colleague..the most important things i would not forget for the whole life is my coursemates and my housemates..although there were some conflict between but still it was the greatest time of my life..lets getta review on the great time i had during this 2 years time....=)

^the 'big head sticker' dat can't stick--"
this is taken wit our own pets!!
we wear like a rainbow~~can u see d colour setting??
it's my dearie cixuan b'day-we wake up early at 6 cz she is going back..yawn~~
n this was taken during ying ying b'day last year..we had steamboat!!yummy!!
ying ying taking pictures wit the gua gua gang!!last but not least,the christmas gal-jia jia b'day!!we had our dinner at jia jia for her treat!!

this was jz wat happening to my house..
below are some of the review in sch..

our last tutorial wit Miss Ang-the cincai tutor..its fun to attend her music class wher we get to hear music and sing songs.. as for this,the guy wit the mustache is Mr.Supram-the english tutor u see dis gal like veri concentrate during lecture rite..actually is was an act!!who she is?? ans:tiffany the good actress!!haha... dis photo was taken as a senior post!! during the orientation of the junior bath..we hv great time playing wir those juniors!!keep it up DBC!!

the most happy moment was the trip to port dickson..teck woei eventually go back n drive his car here to kl n fetch us to pd..wat a good guy he is..
teck woei is my classmate.He lives n pd and so our trip was well organize by him..

Cast away Malaysia edition-filming at Port Dickson beach!! the girls~~yvonne,see wei,hui kuan,me n tiffany the guys!!-wy hoong,ron,kok fai,sus n teck woei banana boat..u won't wan to miss this..thrilling yet fun!! this is the 2 gals dat wasn't able to join us wit the banana boat..but i bet dey are having the other kind of fun in the speed boat!! dats it!!the trilling n fun banana boat.. happy days~~ posing for pictures..i'm the photographer!!twins!!they share the same actions..haha..
the gays~~wake up dude!!
guess wher is it?
ans: the middle of the sea!!

its reli happy being in this course n staying in dis house..what had happen before were all the memories that i would kept forever n ever....
miss ya u frenz~~~