Thursday, April 30, 2009


date: 30 april 2009
end my words at: 3.35am

I've graduated from my Diploma in Mass Communication (Broadcast Communication) in TARC.
I know its only Diploma but who cares.. as long as i can get a job that enough to cover my expenses, feed myself, that's it! i don' dream big anyway..AT THIS MOMENT!!!


I'm currently enjoying my holiday while looking for the suitable permanent job.Hopefully it's something that related to the course i'm taking. Been looking for some vacancies through Jobstreet and other recruitment company. Luckily to say, i just manage to found some. Problem is that i haven't prepare my resume and everything. Duh, i'm still lazying around... :b
but then, I really gonna act fast before the job was taken by others.. Scared neh~~

Anyway, here's the list of task I gonna do..
  1. write the resume
  2. get a nice pic for the resume ( i believe that with a nice photo, you will have the priority in getting a job)
  3. while waiting, get some freelance to do
  4. self-motivation ( learn some extra skill such as adobe illustrator, premier, photoshop, audition and etc.)
  5. not to forget-get the software install into my lappie
  6. prepare for my girls-trip to Langkawi
most of all.......
  1. enjoy my holiday to the fullest yet not wasting my time.. XD

p/s: i'm going to miss my junior classmate so so much.. and my darling darling sekelian that's going to continue their studies.. sob sob :'(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


date: 22 april 2009
end my words at: 04.22am

new post! i'm writing a new post!

N.E.W. P.O.S.T!!!!!

p/s: i found that my blog is dying soon so i gonna put on some words.....
more story will be update after this.......

-To Be Continue-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my new templates

date: 2 april 2009
dropping off at: 08.45pm

i got my new templates and some minor changes done.
i should have done more with it but my lappie was having ITs bad mood again and this lappie that i'm using right now is my housemate one so i could do much with it. Let's wait till my lappie REVIVE again and we'll see after that.

this templates is just a very basic one that you can find it in the *customize* panel.
although it was simple, but as long as its not black anymore then it should be fine with me.

i've even change some of the song in my music track. hope you guys/gals love it.