Saturday, September 20, 2008

the spaghetti dinner

date: 20 september 2008
time: 3.36pm

yuhoo~~finish exam finally..
haha..for this semester i could say that i really enjoy myself much. with those bunch of rascal juniors..another 2 semester with them.i gonna appreciate it..

for the last 2 weeks i've been having my exam and thus i got no time to update my blog..
and now,here's i come..

12 september 2008, friday :
its really great having housemates that study hotel management.hahaha.

We got spaghetti as our dinner dat day..absolutely delicious!!
around 5 or 6 something, ying ying(my study hotel management house mate) started to prepare the ingredient. we got mushroom,carrot,broccoli,and minced pork.not forgetting the sauce.We got the Prego's brand wan..expensive but it really worth it.
den of course it wasn't ying ying alone to prepare the whole meal lar..everyone help in preparing the for those who dunno how to prepare,no choice they help in preparing the dinner lor..
and here's the pictures of the delicious spaghetti

Thursday, September 11, 2008

mission accomplish

date: 11 september 2008
time: 05.15am

finally,i've done with my blog tittle..not bad huh!!haha
it tooks me a long time to finish this as i need to follow my MOOD to get this done..
since my mood wasn't too i manage to accomplish it..and finally,i'm able to post it up!!

it was still in the exam week..another 2 more paper to go..
not much faith in passing with good grades but hopefully could pass with the normal pass rate..
so y m i still here at dis hour??not studying but having my great time here blogging??
nah~paper will be on saturday..few more days to go..still got time duh..
{relax is for the longer journey}

and YES!!!
i finally get my new phone!!
samsung dream phone..
aiming for it since i lost my phone last year till now..
thx bro who bought me this with his DIGI postpaid point and some cash..
haha..i tot of buying it myself at first..
trying to save some money through working n when i manage to save some cash, he stand out and volunteer to buy for me..
nvm lar..since we're sibling so i'm not going to fight wit him lar..let him sponsor me for once also not a bad idea..
i could use it to buy some other things..haha
anyway,thankx bro!!
so for the first things i need to do is to get a screen protector, a 2G memory card and a pouch to prevent it from scratch!!
will get it done tomorrow since i get my pay ady..
haha..extra money=extra expenses!! sobz
no wonder i cant save any money for my vacation!!

anyhow,there's still alots of things for me to do..countless dude!!
steady pom pi pi..i'll get it done one day!!