Wednesday, December 24, 2008

it's christmas again

date: 24 december 2008
time: 7.03am

christmas songs, christmas presents, christmas tree,
santa claus, jingling bell and caroling.
christmas was fun and its romantic. its fun with friends in bar for drinks and its romantic with your lurve one on the bz street.
i'm so in L.O.V.E. with christmas eve. its full of wishes and hopes,
and pledge of love of a loving romance.
i'm in L.O.V.E. with christmas eve,
colourful bulbs along the streets, sweets and candies on the christmas trees.
stockings hanging around waiting for christmas gifts,
and childrens playing with the snowy rain.
i'm looking foward for christmas eve, christmas gifts and a clutching hand.
pleasant time on christmas day....

Merry christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my 20th birthday - part III

date: 23 december 2008
time: 5.30pm

special request from one my my BO SIM d KAHCHENG,
requested me to have a list on "THOSE WHO WISH ME ON MY SHOUTOUT BOX"
so i'm gonna do it now but not under d same tittle but "MY BO SIM D KAHCHENG WISHES"
and the person was not other people but MR. JASON TANG CHUIN HAO who wished me on my
BLOG SHOUTOUT BOX on 22 DECEMBER 2008 (which is 5 days after my b'day), 12.58am!!!
a very indeed BELATED BIRTHDAY wish he got for me.. =.="
anyway, thanks kahcheng ah hao lar~~
i'll do dat to u next year wan XD

Monday, December 22, 2008

my diet plan

date: 22 december 2008
time: 3.14am

its time for diet babe!!
christmas, new year, chinese new year..festive season is here and everyone will be in their best condition no matter of clothes or body figure. but to get into a better outfits and to look nicer and even more sexier, i'm gonna start again wit my hunger plan. wit no money= no food = diet!!
wasn't dat marvellous??!
hopefully my plan would be a success and i could reduced my weight for at least 5-10kgs befor chinese new year..
my slim down plan: only soya drink and biscuits untill chinese new year + jogging for at least 1 1/2 hour!!
no unnecessary lunch, dinner or supper cz i'm kinda broke too..
CARMEN TANG POH JOO, u gonna starve starve and starve!!
save up the food money and get urself a great celebration and nice nice clothes for new year!!!!!

aza-aza fighting!!!!yeah!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

forgotten post

date: 21december 2008
time: 01.53pm

i got my 5th blood donation on 27 november 2008. well,i was suppose to post dis earlier but i was kinda bz dat particular month. forgive me for that :b
bro and sis shuld be proud of me cz they got a brave sister. shame shame to them..hahaha XD
as bro say, wat is inside remain inside..excuse for his coward-ness..haha
i went for my blood donation wit wei chyen and dis was my first time having fren to accompany me for blood donation.
i took a video during the blood donation dat day but becos of some technical problem, the video oculd be updated. luckily i still got some photo for that day.. enjoy!!

hero wei chyen XDmy blooda little appretiation from Umobile and Ovaltine

my 20th birthday - part II

date: 21 december 2008
time: 1.14pm

after reading all the story on my birthday celebration, its time to express my gratitute to all my frens and family who cares to remember me and my b'day as well. to all the person stated on the list below, a thousands of appretiation to u guys/gals.. thanks aloot..

friends who wishes me thru sms-es:
1) kok fai 12.06am
2) eunice loke 12.07am
3) pei wee 12.14am
4) kenneth 12.25am
5) lindsay 12.48am
6) regina 01.04am
7) chai 11.00am
8) tupai 11.01am
9) fung yee 11.43am
10) ai li 01.03pm
11) pei yee 08.34pm
12) *cassandra unknown time (she send to my previous num XD)

friends who wishes me thru msn:
1) derrick 12.07am
2) juck cha 12.08am
3) anderson 02.05am
4) harry 02.09am
5) matt 03.46am
6) alex 12.56pm
7) jason 01.55pm
8) d'rick 02.52pm
9) kar hoor 03.25pm
10) ser chong 05.42pm
11) brandon 09.25pm
12) lee ying 09.31pm

friends who leave me a b'day comments on friendster:
1) han ni 07.04am 10dec
2) foong 1.26am 11dec
3) yiing chiee 08.57am 13dec
4) yun zhen 07.42am 14dec
5) pau yuan 11.00am 15dec
6) yung 05.44pm 16dec
7) kian sheng 09.38pm 16dec
8) ming 02.41am 17dec

frens who leave me a comments/message on facebook:
1) rachel yew 12.13am 16dec
2) meng tat 03.50am 16dec
3) tze liang 4.30am 16dec
4) kelly leow 07.51am 16dec
5) annie jiu mu 08.50am 16dec
6) elaine(lizzie) 12.29pm 16dec
7) see wei 01.13pm 16dec
8) dai lou(phua) 01.29pm 16dec
9) rachel tan 5.22pm 16dec
10) gan elaine 05.29pm 16dec
11) kiew chong 06.53pm 16dec
12) wayne lau 7.34pm 16dec

friends who wish me directly in person:
at 12.13am 16dec, they came in to my room:
1) ying ying
2) jia xi
3) eunice
4) xueli
5) tai tai
6) lee ting
7) trisha

at 09.30pm 16dec they celebrate for me in Station 1, genting kelang
1) wy hoong
2) lindsay
3) eunice loke
4) derrick
5) loo
6) meng
7) chun lee

special thanks to:
1) mummy and;
2) sis who call me at 8.32am 16dec
3) special sms by wan ching from indonesia at 12.46pm 16dec
4) bro who call me when he wake up at 1.13pm 16dec
5) cixuan who call me on 7.44pm 16dec

hope that i din miss out anyone..thanks them again for wishing me =D

Friday, December 19, 2008

my 20th birthday - part I

date: 20 december 2008
time: 7am

first of all, happie b'day to lurvely jia xi, wishing her all the best in her life..
jia xi was my secondary schoolmate and current hsemate..
anyone out there, she is still SINGLE AND AVAILABLE. give a call or text me if you're interested in knowing her.. i'm glad to introduce to u guys..

so here i start with my post..
it was M.I.N.E. birthday on 16 december. and so,i've turn 20 after a whole year long waiting. i knew that regina gonna tell me that she is turning 21. arh!so wat.bluek~~

right after 12am, i receive the very first sms wishes from kok fai, my 2 years course mate, wishing me good luck always and slim down suddenly..BIG=.=" but thanks him anyway for still remembering my b'day.

wishes has been sending in continuously untill my lovely hsemates came in with the very classic birthday song and the birthday present presented to me by eunice.. =)
we talk and laugh in my room for a couple of minutes and everyone turns back to their room as they are still having class d next day. P/S: my b'day wasn't grant for any holidays =(
i continued with my entertainment news and i got to bed at around 4.i think so..
i wake up early as usual for my class. 8am!!Jerry class came first...
i got 4 hours class continuely dat day untill 12pm.
after class,as usual,go Wangsa for lunch and went back home, continued wit my movie, music, msn n sleepzzz...
i sleep for hours.i dunno d exact time but i wan kinda long.and when i wake was already 7pm. lindsay n eunice had plan a b'day celebration for me in during dinner time. 7pm is just the right time for dinner..i started getting ready and wait for call. at 9.30pm derrick called telling me that they (derrick, chun lee, loo and ah meng) will be fetching me. dinner place will be at Station 1, Genting Kelang.....

dats d melodious dinner place..with people singing in the front
my dinner!! i forgot d name of dis :P
from the left: chun lee, loo, ah meng, derrick, lindsay,eunice and wy hoong
a bunch of gambler who play dai di without counting me in. dun respect me dis B'DAY GIRL at all!! ish~

after main and makan, its d time for d cake to come out.. i could say that my fren wasn't really a good actor/actress.. i was going to d wash room dat time and at d other side dey were whispering LOUDLY saying dat "eh eh..she go toilet liao!!" haha..unfortunately i was jz going to wash my hand lar.. no time for them to call d waitress to prepare also..when i came out dey were in the midst. so dey jz hold on to it. knowing dat something was wrong but jz dunno wat is gonna happen next...
after a few minutes, d light went off and my cake appear..

make a wish first...firstly,*******this year,secondly hope that ******soon and lastly, i wished for *****free!! wee~~
u see dat weird cake??!it has my makeup on it..hiak hiak
the smashed cake and my after cleaning face XD
see wat is in derrick hand? he got the clean cake wit dat card!!

so d cake was devided into 8 pieces and becos of their doings,the cake was partly dirtied by my slightly make-up. everyone wants d clean site but who are the lucky wan??! i plan for a game..who got the biggest card got the priority to choose the cake they wan..the last wan, no choice they got to eat the left-over-dirtied cake..the person was non other but me myslef..aisk~~i've lose in the game =(

and chun lee got the cake wit dat card!!

my face got dirtied twice dat day. first wan was d classical candle-bitting and d second wan was unexpected. i got smashed again for losing to derrick in dat 5-10-15 game..damn!!he actually pura pura noob in dis and plan wit d others to smashed me.. AGAIN!! argh~ i shuldnt suggest to play the game at the very first.. = s

snap snap snap..its pictures time again. the picture taken was kinda blur. mayb its very blur..

they are not couple! dun misunderstand o :P
how could we miss out dis photo..
the group pictures =D

after alot of fun in Station 1-dirty ppl place dan buat bising.. we den tot of goin for 2nd round..
each of us bought a bottle of beer n we headed to ah meng hse..
dats d picture we took befor the guard chased us out...

thanks loo for the pictures was memorable for my 20th b'day!!

***here's my 2nd and 3rd cake from jia xi and ying ying..thank you!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

the wonderful birthday

date: 18 december 2008
time: 4.13am

my story on {how wonderful my b'day is} gonna came soon so stay tune for that!!
but first of all i gonna wish other fren whose b'day is around the corner:
1) sheng xian 18dec
2) cassandra 19dec
3) jia xi 20dec
4) jia hui 21dec
5) juck cha 25dec
6) marie bao bao 25dec
7) ang ang 28dec

happie happie b'day yar~ XD

........stay tuned for more upcoming stories.......

Monday, December 15, 2008

in search for myself

i'm vexed.i'm lost..losing my personality and the way towards my future..


Saturday, December 13, 2008

story time

date: 13 december 2008
time: 10.20pm

ops!!i've been breaking on my promises.i knew it!!sorry~
before starting with the old-forgotten post,
i would like to send my best best best wishes to my loving mummy..
Happie birthday mom!!
older by a year,wish u healthy forever and ever..
p/s: can i increase my allowance dis month? XD

its now mid of december which means another 2 week plus we'll be waving our hand to year 2008 and welcome year 2009. oh!how could time pass so fast.without leaving any sight and sound that a year had pass.the pass new year was just like yesterday and now we're going to celebrate it again.what have i done throughout dis whole year??its out of my mine. it jz as normal as it can dat i could hardly remember any special things that happen in this year..
.......but 3 post that i promise to post,i'll still post although i've forgottten some of the content..

8 november was
dad's death anniversary. so fast,10 years pass.he had left us alone for 10 years time.still i miss him dat much..
it was wednesday dat day n i was suppose to be at sch but becoause of this big occasion,i've applied leave from sch but till now i haven write in a letter to d office(at last,it become ponteng).
as usual, we need to prepare lots of foods for offering according to traditions. p/s: u noe wats d teochew traditions if u're a teochews too. and the whole offering ceremony had to starts early and to end befor noon. so i'm waking up early in the morning and drove mom to the wet market to get those ingredient for cooking.once we reach home,mom started to cook n i help cleaning the altar. as for bro..need not say,he's still on bed!!!!he onli wake up when everythings is done and its ready to offer the joss stick.well,dats d tradition FOR HIM...(no offence bro)
fow few hours d ceremony went.its time for lunch.everytime during offering day there's sure alots of good stuff. p/s: as if those stuff are to offer to our stomach..haha
becoz of the limited family members in d hse,mom had invite those neighbour to enjoy the food together.after lunch,den dinner..den the whole day pass and dats how we celebrate dad's 10th death anniversary.after dinner. me n bro headed back to KL as i still having class the next day and he is working too........

i've forgotten d actual date but it was somehow a random thursday nite and dats when i first hv my dinner in Jogoya.some sort of an expensive place i think..but it wasn't dat expensive actually during the promotion season.
it cost rm50+ per person for gals during d promotion but i end up paying rm80+ cz we're gonna pay for wai sheng dat nite as a b'day celebration for him.(think back it was quite silly of me.not going to talk more bout dat)anyway,d food was fabulous.especially the oyster.yummy yummy!!
there's other fabulous food also but i wasn't able to describe it all here..gv it a try everyone.u wont regret..there's lots of food over there,so if u think d oyster dat i recommend wasn't good enuf den gv it a try on the other delicacy there.. :P

we've been eating alot and yet we haven finish trying on all the foods there..
well, its a mess!!
the food~~omg!and this is after the cleaning had been done....cixuan me n jia xi..
..dats the amount of ppl going dat nite..

...after jogoya,we went to Quatro bar which is opposite Avenue pic for that but d club was kinnda special.with the season theme of the club..summer,autumn,winter and spring...
winter bar was special wher d whole environment is full of ice..jz like wat u can feel during winter time-cold and for autumn bar,the least special season i think.with the music and environment same like the other club..i din reli went to spring and summer but i heard dat for summer,u got to wear raincoat or catch wit n umbrella or else u'll get drench..

too much for this post..the least important wan to end this blog was dat stupid assignment dat never end untill the last week befor exam..anyhow,its all over and we gonna get ready for d final exam!! good luck to me..