Friday, July 18, 2008

computer idiot!!

date: 19 july 2008
time: 7.05am
what to say: annoying

well, i'm a computer idiot..yes!! i admit it..XD
firstly,i keep kena virus..need ppl to help me format n reformat again..
format tak sampai 2 weeks den kena again..ISHH!!!
i also dunno wher i got infected those virus wan lar..benci betul!!
bro is already fed up wit formating my computer ady..n i also malas to send to him for repair lar..send to him tak keluar keluar wan...swt =.="
dats y i dun send to my bro to format anymore..
any anti virus dat is extremely superb geng wan?? i need it..
i've try all kind of anti virus programme..from the first norton antivirus to the latest i'm using,kaspersky antivirus,in between got AVG,panda n others(i dun remember wats dat)..
still i kena virus also..
is it d virus nowadays is as powerful as the HIV virus ar??sucks betul lar..
currently kena lagi..
actually not currently also already kena for a long time but din send it to format..
think back lar..jz format tak sampai 2 weeks den need to send back to my fren to format again meh..paiseh wan lor..
so dis time i kena liao also din send..
but still there's one day which my laptop cant stand it d time geh..
now my laptop is getting weaker n weaker liao..time to send to d ICU ady lar..
kenneth say can help me to send to his fren to format wor..
hehe..good savior is here finally..wahkakakaka..
but still i hv to wait till d day dat i got back home sin den onli can bring d laptop to him mar..if not i'll be bored to death without my laptop..NOT EVEN A DAY PLS!!
but unfortunately..i think i cant get back home till the next month ady..sobz~
i miss my mommy food lar..yer~~tak syiok lor..

***haiz..wish i can go back home soon***

Thursday, July 3, 2008

another late post

date: 3 july 2008
time: 4.07am
what to say: hot weather today!!

well,i know that i'm dat hardworking in updating my blog lar..sorry to blogspot..i've ruin this blogsite..well, as i lives a simple life..everdays routine go the same,for wat i keep writing the same things over and over again rite??dats y lar..(i'm not giving excuses okie)

radio and dj practical assignment had started..another fun time to go..although i shouldn't go thru dis again but i could says that it was the most fun time during diploma..and this is wher we reli get into the production thingy..
p/s: tar college too many theories liao..

and this time i'm doing my assignment wit a bunch of juniors..well,i can says that they are all active,funny and talented..
although i'm called by them as senior,but act i think they look more like my senior lor..they noe d things more d me okie..malu-nye
radio n dj i'm in group wit kenneth which i knew his for the longest time since last year when he get into dip 1st year,somemore there's lim li, daphne, chee hor,and another 2 i kind of cant remember their name lar..paiseh lar..
through out dis few weeks,i'm reli having fun wit them..i'll like to express my greatest appreciation to the juniors for taking care of me in the class lar...THANKS everyone!!

i tot i'm not dat famous in sch wan manatau when i got repeat,i found out dat act every lecturers n tutors noe me okie...some will even suka tak suka shout my name in class..malu-nye
dis time MNG d lecturer cum tutor is more fun than last time..ZZZz..i can jz said that the previous MNG was boring to hell!!
p/s: MNG stands for Malaysia National Gaols not the brand MANGO okies..

drama class also change lecturer and tutor ady..but dis time din change to a better wan but to a worst wan..dis Ms Chan is totally fuckup lor..always do the bo liao things..coursework also hv to do like assignment..she tot we so rich ar..can keep prititng those paper..
somemore i hear from frens regarding the group assignment things..rehearsal for group presentation also hv to record down n burn into cd!!!WTH!!!
okie,i wont bother that..she is d lecturer and she wa si lor..she says everything lor..kanasai
somemore,she so hiao..keep looking at guys wan..yeer~~malu-nye

cultural class,i haven attend for once till now ler..cham liao lor..sure got barred liao..waste my if i know i dunwan to take dis sem lar...shit betul!!dis week must must go for class ady..
weh!!not i lazy ponteng class ok..let me explain:
week1-lecture(i haven apply so din go)
week2-1st week tutorial(i haven apply so din go also)
week3-2nd week tutorial(jz know that can apply so i miss out d class)
week4-3rd week tutorial class(i manage to apply to join d class but tutor on mc)
week5-4th week tutorial class(dis time reli i miss out d class lar..overslept)
n dis week, mz go ady..hv to inform dat teacher somemore although i got put a note on his table lar..hope he knew it..and he can understand it!!

radio n dj mid term is on next friday,10-12pm during my mind if i'm not wrong i onli went for 2 times wor..luckily i still hv notes wit me..gonna strive hard dis time..cant fail anymore..somemore hv to score..swt!!

thursday tomolo..again is the sri rampai pasar malam..i've not been there for whole year ady damn miss it lor..last few month cant go bcos of working..tot can go dis week manatau cixuan go back ady..who wan teman me go..see!!cant go again lor..yer~~~~~~~tak syiok liao lor..

dis weekend faster reach lar..i wanna go back home ar..feel like long time din go back home ady..somemore d hair long like hell..look like dry grass like dat..everyday also malas to do straighten my hair..its going to chao ta ady if i keep straighten..dis week mz go back n cut my hair ady..better is can straighten n dye..hahaha..dunno mom let onot..however,she is d one paying mar..hv to hear wat she say wan still..

den hv to take pic for my damn expensive d student ID..cost me RM110..swt~somemore onli for 1 year time..reli kena boom dis time lar..but wat can do lar..if din renew i cant sit for exam!!den i cant graduate my diploma..argh!!!!!!!!!i'm burning rite now!!

TO DO LIST: for the week

1) back home on friday on bus/jia shao car
2) record again my vo for assignment on friday 10-12pm
3) book for editing room
4) look for music for assignment-wav file
5) took pic for student ID after cut my hair
6) cut,straighten(and dye) my hair
7) do MNG assignment, drama assignment(not goin to do it on last minute jor)

somehow i onli remember these lar..anything i remember will fill in more...