Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Precious Juncture under renovation

date: 03 september 2009
time: 12.04am

This blog is currently restructuring.
stay tuned for more blogs update soon.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


date: 30 april 2009
end my words at: 3.35am

I've graduated from my Diploma in Mass Communication (Broadcast Communication) in TARC.
I know its only Diploma but who cares.. as long as i can get a job that enough to cover my expenses, feed myself, that's it! i don' dream big anyway..AT THIS MOMENT!!!


I'm currently enjoying my holiday while looking for the suitable permanent job.Hopefully it's something that related to the course i'm taking. Been looking for some vacancies through Jobstreet and other recruitment company. Luckily to say, i just manage to found some. Problem is that i haven't prepare my resume and everything. Duh, i'm still lazying around... :b
but then, I really gonna act fast before the job was taken by others.. Scared neh~~

Anyway, here's the list of task I gonna do..
  1. write the resume
  2. get a nice pic for the resume ( i believe that with a nice photo, you will have the priority in getting a job)
  3. while waiting, get some freelance to do
  4. self-motivation ( learn some extra skill such as adobe illustrator, premier, photoshop, audition and etc.)
  5. not to forget-get the software install into my lappie
  6. prepare for my girls-trip to Langkawi
most of all.......
  1. enjoy my holiday to the fullest yet not wasting my time.. XD

p/s: i'm going to miss my junior classmate so so much.. and my darling darling sekelian that's going to continue their studies.. sob sob :'(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


date: 22 april 2009
end my words at: 04.22am

new post! i'm writing a new post!

N.E.W. P.O.S.T!!!!!

p/s: i found that my blog is dying soon so i gonna put on some words.....
more story will be update after this.......

-To Be Continue-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my new templates

date: 2 april 2009
dropping off at: 08.45pm

i got my new templates and some minor changes done.
i should have done more with it but my lappie was having ITs bad mood again and this lappie that i'm using right now is my housemate one so i could do much with it. Let's wait till my lappie REVIVE again and we'll see after that.

this templates is just a very basic one that you can find it in the *customize* panel.
although it was simple, but as long as its not black anymore then it should be fine with me.

i've even change some of the song in my music track. hope you guys/gals love it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

should or should not

date: 24 march 2009
time: 10.27pm

erhmm..i was kinda boring wit the layout or my bloggie
shall i close for under construction or close it and get a new wan instead??

let me think about it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

late post of cny2009

date: 05 march 2009
time: 05.05am

finally,i got my pictures that was taken during chinese new year..

this year chinese new year was just so so. not much angpao and not much house visiting.

just that i joined regina and the gang and we went to chia hui's house everyday for gambling..
hiak hiak hiak XD

(okey lar.. did go to other people house too but merely just for visiting and angpao :p)

besides that, as usual the theme party this year.

on day 3( if i'm not wrong) i joined jia xi and the gang for the green party.

hmm.. it's not any special party but just a random reunion dinner with a bunch of friends..
we had that every year with different theme colour. as for this year, we got our green party. obviously it means everyone of us had to be in green clothes.
what's different this year was that we does not make any BBQ or steamboat party at home but rather we when to a steamboat restaurant somewhere at bukit pasir i think..
(wherever it is, i just knew that it was far away from town)

the environment there was quite okey, with playground and garden to hang around but it was too late by the time we finish our dinner so we didn't try the garden. (mosquito was all around :p)

**some pictures taken from ah wei and jiaxi's bro camera**


ter dinner, i joined regina again with the 2nd round program :P

and also,
on the very first day of chinese new year, my family and I, as usual went to the relatives house visiting and having reunion dinner.
its been such a long time that we the whole Tang's family member could sit together again chit chatting and have dinner together.

(if i'm not wrong the last time we all sit together was when ah mah was still around)

thanks Ah Hao for helping us to take some pictures during the day. i'm glad that once again we're able to take photos together after SSSSOOOOO many years.
remember last time we took pictures was like 10 years back i think. and now, we have all grown up. looking back those OLD pictures was really funny. we all look so innocent at that time don't we??

..::: The members of the Tang's Family :::..
..:: Sis, Me, Mom and Bro= My Family :::..

what a pity, da gu didn't join us again this year or else these family portrait would be a perfect.
anyway,hopefully there's pictures taken each and every year.
from what we are now till we got our life partner and our children.then it's time for another BIG family photo =)

oh ya! on the x day, me, regina,chia hui and her sis, we went to Tanjung (a recreation park at my hometown) for some photo shooting.

the model for the day was the cutie SHERLYN and the photographer was non others but REGINA!!

we went out rather late that day and we only manage to get some photo but results wasn't too bad..
at the very last moment,i manage to get Regina to get some snap shoot for me :P

thanks her for the great job. I'm greatly appretiate XD

Sunday, February 22, 2009

date: 22 february 2009
time: 12.25am

argh~~~i nearly fat mou liao lar..
i don't mean that staying at home(muar) is not good,
but at least can there be some entertainment???
arh~!! can you imagine that i'm staying at home only eat and sleep and laying on the floor watching television??
i'm gonna grow even fatter if i still lead this kind of life!!
i need to go back to kl and starve myself for 2 months(if possible :p)

and somemore.....
there's no internet connection in my house!!!
that means i can't even online!!
i wanna go back kl lar~~
going back to my heavenly place where i can unlimited online and sleep as late as i wan, limteh as late as i wan....

mummy~~i'm missing kl nehx~~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

date: 15 february 2009
time: 12.53am

valentines had just gone,how do you guys/gals out there celebrating yours?
chocolate, roses or candle-light dinner?
well, i'm still the same as usual, alone on this day.
perhaps it's still not my turn to receive those money wasted yet romantic stuff and hear those mushy mushy words :p
but, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL right? it's only valentine.
alone can be another kind of fun actually when you don't have to bother about the conflict happen between couples or misunderstands and even those drama-type senario like 'one leg steps two boats?' :p
see, alone is sometimes better then having another person controlling your usual life rite?
forget bout this.its too subjective.lets not discuss this further or else i'll be receiving lots of different comments ady.... :P

i was suppose to post about my cny earlier but i haven't receive those photos that was taken with relatives and cousins during cny, i bet i shall continue with this topics later on when i got those photos..

ooops! i think i gonna go here is closing soon and i need to get back home
p/s: cafe at muar close very early wan.around 12 ady no place to lepak ady..aisk~
anyhow,i'll post again for more when i get to online or when i'm back kl again tak lama lagi..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

last post before cny

date: 21 january 2009
time: 12.39pm

i gonna said,i'm superb buzy.with exam exam exam n after new year exam.gosh!i'm gonna have my last paper during exam time??! wth?!?!! @#$%^&*!@#$%^&*
its exam week again n i'm not going to repeat here how much i wish to do well in my exam dis time. dats d reason y i din upload any new blog/post. can u imagine my life was all d way same everyday- wake up, dinner, notes&books. FYI: i skip my breakfast and lunch as dat was d time i was having my sleep.. xD
what's there for me to write??writing on how hard on me trying to swallow down the whole notes?or reading on my post regarding how i burn the books into ashes and drink it up hopping dat it will not go down into my stomach instead going up to d brain? =.=

tomolo is gonna be d last paper before heading back for chinese new year.been waiting this for a long time but when its time for celebration, the kind of exciting+ anxious feeling fade away together with the coming of economy crisis.SHIT!!
i'm in terrible economy crisis condition. my purse was always flat. i dun even noe wher had my money gone. conclusion i'm always poor. i noe i need a personal financial accountant to take care of my money. i knew dat. open for interview right now! anyone interested?? :P

time was passing so so fast.(i think i repeat on this sentence for n(time) i think :p)
its cny again.i bet i'm gonna have lots of nite out hanging out at frens hse gambling and drinking. hopefully so.. cny for me was nothing but matter is was with family members or with friends. it was equally fun. the best part of cny was not about getting lots of angpao from relatives but hanging out wit bunch of cousins of the similar age. craps on nothing but silly and idiotics topics that praise on ourself. XD wanching is good at dis.while i'm d 2nd. chuin hao,hmm..i think he drop to no.3 ady.. he use to be no.1 in my 'BUE HIAO BA family list'. XD and rachel was d noobest. she only laugh at how 'bue hiao ba' are we and say "siao de" while laughing.haha..
hmm..dis year, still, we got our new family member. the little cutie cousin-AMANDA(hui hui)
she is so damn cute when i saw her last year.not knowing how to say a word but the last time i saw her last year she can almost talk all d way from LCCT back to Kepong. even me also canot tahan and fall asleep while she can still playing 'AW JIAK' game wit me.hopping i'll join her but too bad i was too tired :P and since then she knew me by 'aw jiak jie jie'..hahaa..i've ask Annie jiu mu to teach her something new and special.hope i can get to hear dat during cny..:p

-the cutie amanda-

the 2nd best part of cny beside hanging crapping with cousin is to meet together at grandpa hse-Sayong. it was a small town?? village??watever. a very small place with oil plam and dusun buah-buahan alot. although it was a tiny little place with no shopping center or even groceries shop we can still find some activities to entertain ourself. we used to gather around in a small room in grandpa hse and chit chat. due to d limitacy of the tv program, we normally dun watch tv program when we're in grandpa hse. besides chatting, we'll get some pictures outside d hse,by d middle of the road without any car trying to knock us off. looking at us with our silly action got lar. haha

besides family, it was non others but frens. gambling, drinking and gambling and drinking. one hse by another. start from d 2nd day of cny perhaps, the all round cny visiting tour starts till everyone went back to their studies n work. damn syiok! but it doesn't last long.

dis year,i'm gonna hv my longest cny break. due to the 'amazing' arrangement of the timetable, besides going back to college for the last law paper on 5th feb, my break gonna last till 2nd March. with dis llllllllloooooooonnnnnnngggg break, i gonna find myself some job to do. who ask me to be poor all d time. money is all i need!!

lastly, a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR greeting ^^
i'm not gonna post another wan till my exam end or when i'm free to go and cafe to online and post some cny post when i'm back Muar..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

happie birthday to Regina na na na...

date: 08 january 2009
time: 4.21am

first of all, i'm gonna wish Regina happie born day!
she is officially 21 year old now and thus she can 光明正大 walk into genting casino and Zouk ady.. (although before that she can also 大摇大摆 walk in those place without people checking her.. haha)
no offence lar my dear~~ :p

talk about Regina..

i know her for i think....

let me count...

for 14 years!! yes. its 1 4 y.e.a.r.s
dis year is gonna be the 15th

i knew her since primary 1 till now. 6 years of primary sch + 5 years secondary sch + 3 years after graduate = 14 years.
its a loooonnngg time isn't it?yeah,indeed it was.

she is the most freakinng sot fren i ever got. her mind was always full with idea how is she gonna spend her day, her life and her money. haha XD (again no offence k.. jokking only :P)

i remember she like to organize alot of party last time. halloween, birthday, mooncake festival..watever occasion she also can organize party. but dats y she got lots of fren. =)

and now,we had all graduated from high school,
she is even more busy..
busy wit her GFC and chawers and lifes..colourful lifes i can say.
she always noe how to enjoy her lifes to d fullest. unhappy things she'll forget it as fast as possible. laugh all the time and sampat all the time.

she is now in LIMCOCKCOCK uni college.taking mass comm.
although same like me but how come i realize dat she did her studies better den me wan??
mayb because of the unaffordable resit fees so she had to do d best not to fail.. :P (jokking again)
but the true is dat she really did well in her studies although she got alot of 'kang tao' all d time. XD

she is so creative i can say, active and fun to get along.


she is d most NICE fren i've ever got. (she gonna cry if she saw dis XD)

i'm so glad that i got HER as my fren. to share the happy moment together..
cheers to REGINA~

lastly,i'm gonna say...

hope ur california plan 3 degree celcius k!! and by dat time we jio wear bikini go out together k!haha..
somemore, i wanna wish her happy always. (although she is already happy all d time)
but den wanna wish her forever happy, forever got lots of money to use (p/s: cause she spend so much)


*some photo for review*
*to regina: i noe dat i shuldn't post dis photo beofr photoshop but banyak sorry lar..aku punya photoshop belum install. somemore,u're so much prettier den me in d dun worry k!! cheers!!*

Monday, January 5, 2009

the power of exam and extra fats in the body XD

date: 05 january 2009
time: 7.30pm

a little encouragement/force/strength/power/drive/impetus/energy/inducement/motivation..
i'm gonna put dis as my lappie wallpaper!!
den i'm not scared that i'll eat too much or din study for my exam ady!!

welcome moo moo year..yeah!

date: 05 january 2009
time: 2.05am

happie new year!!
almost forgot to say these words ady :P
time flies so fast.sekelip mata, 2009 ady
lets open our hand wide n welcome MR. MOO MOO..
well, 2008 wasn't really great but not too bad though..

ngam ngam lar..can't expect much rite?
knew alot of new frens on 2008. some from sch some thru frens..
hmm..nth much happened on 2008 coz tak banyak lepak mar..haha!! XD
p/s: i consider myself a good gal on 2008 k =.=

n now...........................

exam!! exam!! exam!!
its final exam again
1 more semester to go..
gonna strive harder n harder..nope! is HARDEST i gonna say..
so my resolution for dis year is to pass my exam!!finish my diploma n get a scholarship/loan den go oversea for studies.
die die also hv to get it..haha
i'm not asking too much from myself rite? XD

okie! enuf of craps
gonna get to studies ady or else cant finish reading den i gonna break my biggest 2009 plan ady :P
last but not least......
its REGINA b'day again..
dis cha bo, 21st year old liao..wish her california plan is not merely 3 degree celcius lar..(as wat chia yih said :P)
i gonna crack my mind n think of wat to buy for her as b'day present ady..haiz~