Friday, July 18, 2008

computer idiot!!

date: 19 july 2008
time: 7.05am
what to say: annoying

well, i'm a computer idiot..yes!! i admit it..XD
firstly,i keep kena virus..need ppl to help me format n reformat again..
format tak sampai 2 weeks den kena again..ISHH!!!
i also dunno wher i got infected those virus wan lar..benci betul!!
bro is already fed up wit formating my computer ady..n i also malas to send to him for repair lar..send to him tak keluar keluar wan...swt =.="
dats y i dun send to my bro to format anymore..
any anti virus dat is extremely superb geng wan?? i need it..
i've try all kind of anti virus programme..from the first norton antivirus to the latest i'm using,kaspersky antivirus,in between got AVG,panda n others(i dun remember wats dat)..
still i kena virus also..
is it d virus nowadays is as powerful as the HIV virus ar??sucks betul lar..
currently kena lagi..
actually not currently also already kena for a long time but din send it to format..
think back lar..jz format tak sampai 2 weeks den need to send back to my fren to format again meh..paiseh wan lor..
so dis time i kena liao also din send..
but still there's one day which my laptop cant stand it d time geh..
now my laptop is getting weaker n weaker liao..time to send to d ICU ady lar..
kenneth say can help me to send to his fren to format wor..
hehe..good savior is here finally..wahkakakaka..
but still i hv to wait till d day dat i got back home sin den onli can bring d laptop to him mar..if not i'll be bored to death without my laptop..NOT EVEN A DAY PLS!!
but unfortunately..i think i cant get back home till the next month ady..sobz~
i miss my mommy food lar..yer~~tak syiok lor..

***haiz..wish i can go back home soon***

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