Thursday, June 12, 2008

hi again

date: 12 june 2008
time: 3.26am
what to say: energetic rite now!!

wee~~long time din update my blog ady..
miss me huh??keke..
i've been quite bz nowadays-working,house thingy,schoool thingy..
no time for shopping also..sobz@@
FYI: mega sale is gonna finish and i HAVEN EVEN got time to grab some stuff for myself..(haiz~)
waiting for MNG,ZARA,Forever21,topshop n dorothy perkins those brands to throw their stocks out..(hopefully can get something good for myself!!)yeah~

the EURO championship is on the heat now..
and for me,i'm also taking part in it too..
not on the field chasing the ball but to clubs,bistro and some pub for promoting..
giving out premiums(a table clock wit temperature, alarm and stopwatch features)
well,supervisor was quite lansi n strict at first but now ok ady lar..
everytime also sampat wit us..hehe..having quite a nice time wit dem too.
1 of the supervisor agreed to belanja us at the end of the whole event-3 more weeks to go!!yeah!! first we tot of 'ketuk' him,ask him to belanja us eat Saseki Sushi(a Japanese sushi buffet which cost around rm60-70 per person),but after nearly 2 months of partnership,how could we think of ketuk him somemore when he is treating us so kind ler..
canot we ask him to treat us cheaper wan lor..
since we(the sua ku) din try Italianise, TGI fridays, Nando's etc befor so we agreed that he will treat one of it at the end of the event..yuhoo~~

another supervisor of us-Ah Ang!!
well,he is the greatest supervisor we met during the 10 weeks job..
although he talks alot,giving lectures but we did learn alot duh..
sometimes will find him a bit naggy lar..but when he is off we kinda miss him too..
hope that he can come n supervise us..not saying that Ah Lee n another Henry wasnt good but Ah Ang was the best..hehe..

##Ah Ang fast fast come back lar##

3 weeks more the whole event will end..
den its the time we gonna chase the agent for money ady..
i'm gonna be rich soon..yeepee!!

be strong and struggle for 3 more weeks bah!!
gambateh yo!!


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