Friday, June 13, 2008

shall i go to school or shall i not

date: 13 june 2008
time: 7.00am
what to say: a bit sleepy,dozing soon..

its 7am rite now..shall i go to sch or shall i not??
go to sch for wat ler??
to do the repeat things lor..
write a letter for Mr.Lee whole nite and i mz hand in him today or else no chance ady..
FMI,there ar radio n dj lec at 10am later..if i go to sch at 8 n settle my things i still get to catch up wit the lec but the prob now is i'm so so so lazy to go to sch alr...
gonna make up somemore,den straighten d hair somemore,HAVEN SLEEP somemore,got work to do tonite many things to do ler..
wat to do ler??wanna sleep now or go to sch ler??????????
k lar..decide to go to sch..wanna attend lec onot decide later lar..
so wat i need to do now is to take a bath,straighten my hair n put on a simple make up..(not yet sleep n i dun wish to scared my juniors lar)..

so thats all for now..

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