Friday, August 1, 2008

i miss u guys!!

date: 1 august 2008
time: 03.24am
what to say: sudden-emo

erm..dunno how come suddenly so emo ler..
open my friendster and view back on some of my friends list to see hows are dey doing..
i'm glad to see that they are all find..
its been a time since or last day in sch..some continue their studies in UTAR while some is in advance..while some who din get to graduate they had started to look for jobs while waiting fr resits and all stuff..
i saw Penny that day..well,she look d same duh..
still dat pretty and gorgeous..ask her something on make up course(*not for me anyway*)
had some advice from her..thanks for that.. for wy hoong,chat wit him for sometimes in msn..well,he had found his job in Digi Centre..a loyal digi user huh!!me too *wink*
cz that it was working time so we hardly can talk for a long time..anyway,knew that he is find dats good enuf..
in a sudden, i somehow miss yvonne and see wei a lil' bit..act alot duh..
we were once veri good..4 of us,yvonne,see wei,siaw yee n me..
but,cz of some incident..we went our own way..go back to our own class and join our own fren..
its quite a pity when i think back rite now..
what had happen actually ar??i'm blurred!!
no matter how,till the last sem of year 2,we hardly speaks for word even in lectures..
okie~i was not in lecture i admit.. :P
how i wish time could turn back..mayb it wont be d same rite now..
after finish reading yvonne's blog on our sme break trip to pd,i miss dem even more..
too much things had happen n yet i dun hv enuf time to digest it..
dats y i cant handle d prob well and thus causes wat to happen rite now..*sobz*
i call tiffany on d convo there..she din get to attend d convo cz she need to take care of her family shop..pity gal~
but nvm lar..those who graduate had got receive my warming message!!touching hor!!
i admit i'm not dat active in class,often miss lectures n tutorial,but treasure frens as my life..
i do adapt changes but i dislike changes..
i dun like things and people around me to keep changing..
but to the fact is, things do change and it cant go back..
so wat we can do is to treasure wat we had now before its too late..@@

here are some of the people i treasure n miss!!
-see wei
-wy hoong
-teck woei
-ah kok
-fung yee

of course others i miss dem too..
best wishes to everyone..
DBC 06' batch forever i wont forget!!

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