Sunday, February 15, 2009

date: 15 february 2009
time: 12.53am

valentines had just gone,how do you guys/gals out there celebrating yours?
chocolate, roses or candle-light dinner?
well, i'm still the same as usual, alone on this day.
perhaps it's still not my turn to receive those money wasted yet romantic stuff and hear those mushy mushy words :p
but, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL right? it's only valentine.
alone can be another kind of fun actually when you don't have to bother about the conflict happen between couples or misunderstands and even those drama-type senario like 'one leg steps two boats?' :p
see, alone is sometimes better then having another person controlling your usual life rite?
forget bout this.its too subjective.lets not discuss this further or else i'll be receiving lots of different comments ady.... :P

i was suppose to post about my cny earlier but i haven't receive those photos that was taken with relatives and cousins during cny, i bet i shall continue with this topics later on when i got those photos..

ooops! i think i gonna go here is closing soon and i need to get back home
p/s: cafe at muar close very early wan.around 12 ady no place to lepak ady..aisk~
anyhow,i'll post again for more when i get to online or when i'm back kl again tak lama lagi..

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