Sunday, February 22, 2009

date: 22 february 2009
time: 12.25am

argh~~~i nearly fat mou liao lar..
i don't mean that staying at home(muar) is not good,
but at least can there be some entertainment???
arh~!! can you imagine that i'm staying at home only eat and sleep and laying on the floor watching television??
i'm gonna grow even fatter if i still lead this kind of life!!
i need to go back to kl and starve myself for 2 months(if possible :p)

and somemore.....
there's no internet connection in my house!!!
that means i can't even online!!
i wanna go back kl lar~~
going back to my heavenly place where i can unlimited online and sleep as late as i wan, limteh as late as i wan....

mummy~~i'm missing kl nehx~~

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