Tuesday, October 7, 2008


date: 7 october 2008
time: 3.31am

Gosh!!i'm still awake!!
i can't sleep~~
my brain are tired,my whole body are tired but still my eyes are opened!!
still i'm having 8am lecture tomolo
its the first lecture of the 5th semester
its Mr.Jerry subject again..luckily it was STILL Mr.Jerry
i realize that DBC batch 2007/08 lecturers aren't as good as our batch
(i mean DBC batch 2006/07.Yes i knew it.i got a repeat and i had to join the junior batch in order to get all my credits clear)

alot of the GOOD lecturers had change.
like my name-alike-lecturer,Miss Tang Mui Joo(p/s: my name is Tang Poh Joo), Miss Tarenjit, Mr.Harry and others. sobz~~
anyhow,i will miss those lecturer much when i graduate.YES!I mean it!!i will graduate!!
but firstly i need to attend all the class and pass all my credits..
so i gotta sleep now!!

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