Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sis 23th birthday

date: 28 october 2008
time: 11.24pm

sis b'day was on yesterday,27 october. first of all i would like to wish her happie b'day here again.hope ur dreams come true lar..

on that day itself,me and mom went to Batu Pahat to watch a little cousin performance at a xxx dewan (i dunno wat's d name of the place :p) with food provided. and the food itself is from MUAR. wahkaka..i'm wondering is the food in BP that sucks even Batu Pahat ppl need to call food from Muar restaurant.haha!!well,no offence to all the BP citizen duh.

and after the show and dinner it was already 10pm.go back to cousin aunty hse,mo here mo there ady 10smth gonna 11 soon.yet we haven bought any cake. me and mom is like so rush to get a cake.but hello~eventhough we are rush but we still demand for a SECRET RECIPES cake okie..but too bad,BP d Secret Recipe shop gonna close soon n there's no more variety of cake available.. SO,no Secret Recipe cake for her!!den we headed back Muar,hopefully can still get some cake in the midnite..i was like driving for 110/km in dat small,dark n repair-ing road.luckily there's not much car dat nite..den we manage to reach Muar at around 12.
once we reach,staright away,we go n look for cake shop and lastly we manage to get a cake from a cafe.

on the way back home,me n mom is liek still planning how to gv sis a surprise and mom keep telling me that she dunno how to tell lies!! =.="
(skip the whole on-the way-back-home story)

when we reach home,it was still early around 1am and of course sis haven sleep lor.still early mar.den we like wait n wait n wait see when is sis going to bed..around 2 liao!!sis haven wanan sleep.bo pian so i told her bf dat we bought a cake secretly without letting noe. dat 'wu tao bo nao,wu nao si chao' d Jeffery,say liao also kek si..i told him secretly n he like answer me loud
loud.ish!!NOOB betul lar!!

and lastly we manage to coax her to sleep.

and here's d funny part.i ask mom pretend to go and sleep and switch the light in sis room den ask me to come n sleep also.MANATAU~~

30minutes pass.............................

mom haven call for me wan and sis room is still bright so i tot of calling my mom. when she answer,here's the conversation:
>>me: wei ma!apa u buat kat sana??still dunwan call me to go n sleep ar??!! u fall asleep liao issit??
>>mom: oh,wanna call u to sleep liao ar? aiyah,i'm playing with the psp lar..forgot liao!!
>>me: WAT??!! if i din call u den u dunno wanna call me liao lar..apalar..fast fast lar..sunpian switch mai sis d light ler..
>>mom: aiyor,i dunno how to act ler..
>>me: aiyar,u jz say "wanna watch movie y dunwan close light ler" like dat lar..
>>mom: arh..hanah hanah!!

and so,my mom close d light in my sis room without saying anything and come down to d living room. still on the stairs she ady start laughing while calling me to sleep..SWT =.="
dunno wat she is laughing at makes me laught together as well..
laugh laugh laugh..den stop.start to light d candle and bring d cake up.on the stairs we stil laugh.like orang gila like dat..mom bring sis d music candle along and turn it on.we heard sis is like so amuze.tot we're playing wit her candle light so she din bother us.luckily dat jeff still noe wat to do and she bring sis to d stairs.

seeing us laughing and wit the cake on the hand,she was indeed surprise..

-den the wishing n blowing the candle session-come down to d dining room,cut the cake n we manage to cincai cincai eat abit lor..late ady mar.fat wan ler.so cant eat so much..

after everything,den we headed back to sleep and continue wit the usual routine..
and so sis b'day pass with a simple cake and a normal living routine of the day..


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Danilla & Vanilla said...

walao this post damn funny la.
the "wu tao bo nao, wu nao si cao" damn funny.