Monday, January 5, 2009

the power of exam and extra fats in the body XD

date: 05 january 2009
time: 7.30pm

a little encouragement/force/strength/power/drive/impetus/energy/inducement/motivation..
i'm gonna put dis as my lappie wallpaper!!
den i'm not scared that i'll eat too much or din study for my exam ady!!


wanching said...

Oi, you COPYCAT!!!!!!

CårΜέn said...

haha..i wher got copy ur design n content are different from u okie..moreover,mine is much more pretty den urs.. :P

Harry said...

it's not gonna work. i have faith in you that this will not work. keep growing fat please. =)

CårΜέn said...

grr~~its GONNA WORK!!and i'm gonna make it work!!
i'm not going to make FATTY as an identity for me..
haha..just u wait n see.bluek~

wanching said...

The idea, the IDEA. in your world, doesn't idea account for the bigger slice of cake?

CårΜέn said...

in d sense of copyright,as long as i put in enuf effort and i din copy 100% den its not counted as copy lar..if like dat den d movie smile pasta(taiwan series) and full house(korean series) mar also same. dat wan copy also lor..