Thursday, January 8, 2009

happie birthday to Regina na na na...

date: 08 january 2009
time: 4.21am

first of all, i'm gonna wish Regina happie born day!
she is officially 21 year old now and thus she can 光明正大 walk into genting casino and Zouk ady.. (although before that she can also 大摇大摆 walk in those place without people checking her.. haha)
no offence lar my dear~~ :p

talk about Regina..

i know her for i think....

let me count...

for 14 years!! yes. its 1 4 y.e.a.r.s
dis year is gonna be the 15th

i knew her since primary 1 till now. 6 years of primary sch + 5 years secondary sch + 3 years after graduate = 14 years.
its a loooonnngg time isn't it?yeah,indeed it was.

she is the most freakinng sot fren i ever got. her mind was always full with idea how is she gonna spend her day, her life and her money. haha XD (again no offence k.. jokking only :P)

i remember she like to organize alot of party last time. halloween, birthday, mooncake festival..watever occasion she also can organize party. but dats y she got lots of fren. =)

and now,we had all graduated from high school,
she is even more busy..
busy wit her GFC and chawers and lifes..colourful lifes i can say.
she always noe how to enjoy her lifes to d fullest. unhappy things she'll forget it as fast as possible. laugh all the time and sampat all the time.

she is now in LIMCOCKCOCK uni college.taking mass comm.
although same like me but how come i realize dat she did her studies better den me wan??
mayb because of the unaffordable resit fees so she had to do d best not to fail.. :P (jokking again)
but the true is dat she really did well in her studies although she got alot of 'kang tao' all d time. XD

she is so creative i can say, active and fun to get along.


she is d most NICE fren i've ever got. (she gonna cry if she saw dis XD)

i'm so glad that i got HER as my fren. to share the happy moment together..
cheers to REGINA~

lastly,i'm gonna say...

hope ur california plan 3 degree celcius k!! and by dat time we jio wear bikini go out together k!haha..
somemore, i wanna wish her happy always. (although she is already happy all d time)
but den wanna wish her forever happy, forever got lots of money to use (p/s: cause she spend so much)


*some photo for review*
*to regina: i noe dat i shuldn't post dis photo beofr photoshop but banyak sorry lar..aku punya photoshop belum install. somemore,u're so much prettier den me in d dun worry k!! cheers!!*

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