Monday, January 5, 2009

welcome moo moo year..yeah!

date: 05 january 2009
time: 2.05am

happie new year!!
almost forgot to say these words ady :P
time flies so fast.sekelip mata, 2009 ady
lets open our hand wide n welcome MR. MOO MOO..
well, 2008 wasn't really great but not too bad though..

ngam ngam lar..can't expect much rite?
knew alot of new frens on 2008. some from sch some thru frens..
hmm..nth much happened on 2008 coz tak banyak lepak mar..haha!! XD
p/s: i consider myself a good gal on 2008 k =.=

n now...........................

exam!! exam!! exam!!
its final exam again
1 more semester to go..
gonna strive harder n harder..nope! is HARDEST i gonna say..
so my resolution for dis year is to pass my exam!!finish my diploma n get a scholarship/loan den go oversea for studies.
die die also hv to get it..haha
i'm not asking too much from myself rite? XD

okie! enuf of craps
gonna get to studies ady or else cant finish reading den i gonna break my biggest 2009 plan ady :P
last but not least......
its REGINA b'day again..
dis cha bo, 21st year old liao..wish her california plan is not merely 3 degree celcius lar..(as wat chia yih said :P)
i gonna crack my mind n think of wat to buy for her as b'day present ady..haiz~


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