Sunday, December 21, 2008

forgotten post

date: 21december 2008
time: 01.53pm

i got my 5th blood donation on 27 november 2008. well,i was suppose to post dis earlier but i was kinda bz dat particular month. forgive me for that :b
bro and sis shuld be proud of me cz they got a brave sister. shame shame to them..hahaha XD
as bro say, wat is inside remain inside..excuse for his coward-ness..haha
i went for my blood donation wit wei chyen and dis was my first time having fren to accompany me for blood donation.
i took a video during the blood donation dat day but becos of some technical problem, the video oculd be updated. luckily i still got some photo for that day.. enjoy!!

hero wei chyen XDmy blooda little appretiation from Umobile and Ovaltine

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