Monday, December 22, 2008

my diet plan

date: 22 december 2008
time: 3.14am

its time for diet babe!!
christmas, new year, chinese new year..festive season is here and everyone will be in their best condition no matter of clothes or body figure. but to get into a better outfits and to look nicer and even more sexier, i'm gonna start again wit my hunger plan. wit no money= no food = diet!!
wasn't dat marvellous??!
hopefully my plan would be a success and i could reduced my weight for at least 5-10kgs befor chinese new year..
my slim down plan: only soya drink and biscuits untill chinese new year + jogging for at least 1 1/2 hour!!
no unnecessary lunch, dinner or supper cz i'm kinda broke too..
CARMEN TANG POH JOO, u gonna starve starve and starve!!
save up the food money and get urself a great celebration and nice nice clothes for new year!!!!!

aza-aza fighting!!!!yeah!!!!!

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