Sunday, December 21, 2008

my 20th birthday - part II

date: 21 december 2008
time: 1.14pm

after reading all the story on my birthday celebration, its time to express my gratitute to all my frens and family who cares to remember me and my b'day as well. to all the person stated on the list below, a thousands of appretiation to u guys/gals.. thanks aloot..

friends who wishes me thru sms-es:
1) kok fai 12.06am
2) eunice loke 12.07am
3) pei wee 12.14am
4) kenneth 12.25am
5) lindsay 12.48am
6) regina 01.04am
7) chai 11.00am
8) tupai 11.01am
9) fung yee 11.43am
10) ai li 01.03pm
11) pei yee 08.34pm
12) *cassandra unknown time (she send to my previous num XD)

friends who wishes me thru msn:
1) derrick 12.07am
2) juck cha 12.08am
3) anderson 02.05am
4) harry 02.09am
5) matt 03.46am
6) alex 12.56pm
7) jason 01.55pm
8) d'rick 02.52pm
9) kar hoor 03.25pm
10) ser chong 05.42pm
11) brandon 09.25pm
12) lee ying 09.31pm

friends who leave me a b'day comments on friendster:
1) han ni 07.04am 10dec
2) foong 1.26am 11dec
3) yiing chiee 08.57am 13dec
4) yun zhen 07.42am 14dec
5) pau yuan 11.00am 15dec
6) yung 05.44pm 16dec
7) kian sheng 09.38pm 16dec
8) ming 02.41am 17dec

frens who leave me a comments/message on facebook:
1) rachel yew 12.13am 16dec
2) meng tat 03.50am 16dec
3) tze liang 4.30am 16dec
4) kelly leow 07.51am 16dec
5) annie jiu mu 08.50am 16dec
6) elaine(lizzie) 12.29pm 16dec
7) see wei 01.13pm 16dec
8) dai lou(phua) 01.29pm 16dec
9) rachel tan 5.22pm 16dec
10) gan elaine 05.29pm 16dec
11) kiew chong 06.53pm 16dec
12) wayne lau 7.34pm 16dec

friends who wish me directly in person:
at 12.13am 16dec, they came in to my room:
1) ying ying
2) jia xi
3) eunice
4) xueli
5) tai tai
6) lee ting
7) trisha

at 09.30pm 16dec they celebrate for me in Station 1, genting kelang
1) wy hoong
2) lindsay
3) eunice loke
4) derrick
5) loo
6) meng
7) chun lee

special thanks to:
1) mummy and;
2) sis who call me at 8.32am 16dec
3) special sms by wan ching from indonesia at 12.46pm 16dec
4) bro who call me when he wake up at 1.13pm 16dec
5) cixuan who call me on 7.44pm 16dec

hope that i din miss out anyone..thanks them again for wishing me =D

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