Saturday, December 13, 2008

story time

date: 13 december 2008
time: 10.20pm

ops!!i've been breaking on my promises.i knew it!!sorry~
before starting with the old-forgotten post,
i would like to send my best best best wishes to my loving mummy..
Happie birthday mom!!
older by a year,wish u healthy forever and ever..
p/s: can i increase my allowance dis month? XD

its now mid of december which means another 2 week plus we'll be waving our hand to year 2008 and welcome year 2009. oh!how could time pass so fast.without leaving any sight and sound that a year had pass.the pass new year was just like yesterday and now we're going to celebrate it again.what have i done throughout dis whole year??its out of my mine. it jz as normal as it can dat i could hardly remember any special things that happen in this year..
.......but 3 post that i promise to post,i'll still post although i've forgottten some of the content..

8 november was
dad's death anniversary. so fast,10 years pass.he had left us alone for 10 years time.still i miss him dat much..
it was wednesday dat day n i was suppose to be at sch but becoause of this big occasion,i've applied leave from sch but till now i haven write in a letter to d office(at last,it become ponteng).
as usual, we need to prepare lots of foods for offering according to traditions. p/s: u noe wats d teochew traditions if u're a teochews too. and the whole offering ceremony had to starts early and to end befor noon. so i'm waking up early in the morning and drove mom to the wet market to get those ingredient for cooking.once we reach home,mom started to cook n i help cleaning the altar. as for bro..need not say,he's still on bed!!!!he onli wake up when everythings is done and its ready to offer the joss stick.well,dats d tradition FOR HIM...(no offence bro)
fow few hours d ceremony went.its time for lunch.everytime during offering day there's sure alots of good stuff. p/s: as if those stuff are to offer to our stomach..haha
becoz of the limited family members in d hse,mom had invite those neighbour to enjoy the food together.after lunch,den dinner..den the whole day pass and dats how we celebrate dad's 10th death anniversary.after dinner. me n bro headed back to KL as i still having class the next day and he is working too........

i've forgotten d actual date but it was somehow a random thursday nite and dats when i first hv my dinner in Jogoya.some sort of an expensive place i think..but it wasn't dat expensive actually during the promotion season.
it cost rm50+ per person for gals during d promotion but i end up paying rm80+ cz we're gonna pay for wai sheng dat nite as a b'day celebration for him.(think back it was quite silly of me.not going to talk more bout dat)anyway,d food was fabulous.especially the oyster.yummy yummy!!
there's other fabulous food also but i wasn't able to describe it all here..gv it a try everyone.u wont regret..there's lots of food over there,so if u think d oyster dat i recommend wasn't good enuf den gv it a try on the other delicacy there.. :P

we've been eating alot and yet we haven finish trying on all the foods there..
well, its a mess!!
the food~~omg!and this is after the cleaning had been done....cixuan me n jia xi..
..dats the amount of ppl going dat nite..

...after jogoya,we went to Quatro bar which is opposite Avenue pic for that but d club was kinnda special.with the season theme of the club..summer,autumn,winter and spring...
winter bar was special wher d whole environment is full of ice..jz like wat u can feel during winter time-cold and for autumn bar,the least special season i think.with the music and environment same like the other club..i din reli went to spring and summer but i heard dat for summer,u got to wear raincoat or catch wit n umbrella or else u'll get drench..

too much for this post..the least important wan to end this blog was dat stupid assignment dat never end untill the last week befor exam..anyhow,its all over and we gonna get ready for d final exam!! good luck to me..

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