Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my 20th birthday - part III

date: 23 december 2008
time: 5.30pm

special request from one my my BO SIM d KAHCHENG,
requested me to have a list on "THOSE WHO WISH ME ON MY SHOUTOUT BOX"
so i'm gonna do it now but not under d same tittle but "MY BO SIM D KAHCHENG WISHES"
and the person was not other people but MR. JASON TANG CHUIN HAO who wished me on my
BLOG SHOUTOUT BOX on 22 DECEMBER 2008 (which is 5 days after my b'day), 12.58am!!!
a very indeed BELATED BIRTHDAY wish he got for me.. =.="
anyway, thanks kahcheng ah hao lar~~
i'll do dat to u next year wan XD

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