Friday, December 19, 2008

my 20th birthday - part I

date: 20 december 2008
time: 7am

first of all, happie b'day to lurvely jia xi, wishing her all the best in her life..
jia xi was my secondary schoolmate and current hsemate..
anyone out there, she is still SINGLE AND AVAILABLE. give a call or text me if you're interested in knowing her.. i'm glad to introduce to u guys..

so here i start with my post..
it was M.I.N.E. birthday on 16 december. and so,i've turn 20 after a whole year long waiting. i knew that regina gonna tell me that she is turning 21. arh!so wat.bluek~~

right after 12am, i receive the very first sms wishes from kok fai, my 2 years course mate, wishing me good luck always and slim down suddenly..BIG=.=" but thanks him anyway for still remembering my b'day.

wishes has been sending in continuously untill my lovely hsemates came in with the very classic birthday song and the birthday present presented to me by eunice.. =)
we talk and laugh in my room for a couple of minutes and everyone turns back to their room as they are still having class d next day. P/S: my b'day wasn't grant for any holidays =(
i continued with my entertainment news and i got to bed at around 4.i think so..
i wake up early as usual for my class. 8am!!Jerry class came first...
i got 4 hours class continuely dat day untill 12pm.
after class,as usual,go Wangsa for lunch and went back home, continued wit my movie, music, msn n sleepzzz...
i sleep for hours.i dunno d exact time but i wan kinda long.and when i wake was already 7pm. lindsay n eunice had plan a b'day celebration for me in during dinner time. 7pm is just the right time for dinner..i started getting ready and wait for call. at 9.30pm derrick called telling me that they (derrick, chun lee, loo and ah meng) will be fetching me. dinner place will be at Station 1, Genting Kelang.....

dats d melodious dinner place..with people singing in the front
my dinner!! i forgot d name of dis :P
from the left: chun lee, loo, ah meng, derrick, lindsay,eunice and wy hoong
a bunch of gambler who play dai di without counting me in. dun respect me dis B'DAY GIRL at all!! ish~

after main and makan, its d time for d cake to come out.. i could say that my fren wasn't really a good actor/actress.. i was going to d wash room dat time and at d other side dey were whispering LOUDLY saying dat "eh eh..she go toilet liao!!" haha..unfortunately i was jz going to wash my hand lar.. no time for them to call d waitress to prepare also..when i came out dey were in the midst. so dey jz hold on to it. knowing dat something was wrong but jz dunno wat is gonna happen next...
after a few minutes, d light went off and my cake appear..

make a wish first...firstly,*******this year,secondly hope that ******soon and lastly, i wished for *****free!! wee~~
u see dat weird cake??!it has my makeup on it..hiak hiak
the smashed cake and my after cleaning face XD
see wat is in derrick hand? he got the clean cake wit dat card!!

so d cake was devided into 8 pieces and becos of their doings,the cake was partly dirtied by my slightly make-up. everyone wants d clean site but who are the lucky wan??! i plan for a game..who got the biggest card got the priority to choose the cake they wan..the last wan, no choice they got to eat the left-over-dirtied cake..the person was non other but me myslef..aisk~~i've lose in the game =(

and chun lee got the cake wit dat card!!

my face got dirtied twice dat day. first wan was d classical candle-bitting and d second wan was unexpected. i got smashed again for losing to derrick in dat 5-10-15 game..damn!!he actually pura pura noob in dis and plan wit d others to smashed me.. AGAIN!! argh~ i shuldnt suggest to play the game at the very first.. = s

snap snap snap..its pictures time again. the picture taken was kinda blur. mayb its very blur..

they are not couple! dun misunderstand o :P
how could we miss out dis photo..
the group pictures =D

after alot of fun in Station 1-dirty ppl place dan buat bising.. we den tot of goin for 2nd round..
each of us bought a bottle of beer n we headed to ah meng hse..
dats d picture we took befor the guard chased us out...

thanks loo for the pictures was memorable for my 20th b'day!!

***here's my 2nd and 3rd cake from jia xi and ying ying..thank you!!

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